Turkey is receiving a Challenger 605 today, it will be upgraded as part of the MULTI-INT project.

Along with the Hava-SOJ airborne electronic-warfare project, Aselsan's little known MULTI-INT aircraft is also one step closer to entering service.

A representation of how the aircraft will look after being upgraded

After taking off from Goose Bay, Canada, a Bombardier Challenger fitted with an assortment of SIGINT sensors had stopped at Dublin. It is now either in Turkey or almost there.

It is one of the two aircraft which will be modified for Aselsan's MULTI-INT project. The aircraft will be upgraded with the following features:




  • Self-protection upgrades

  • Advanced data-link system

Information about the MULTI-INT aircraft, from an official Aselsan brochure

Aselsan is Turkey's largest defence company and among the largest in the world. It excels at designing and producing a wide variety of products from simple subsystems to advanced targetting pods all the way to truck-mounted electronic warfare systems.

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