A Syrian plane had delivered arms to Libya, what was delivered is still unknown.

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Update: Rumours of both Scud and Buk-M-2 deliveries have been proven to be false. Disregard the paragraph which is highlighted.

A Syrian Il-76 has delivered weapons to the LNA. The plane's flight path originated in Damascus and it landed in Al Khadim Air Base.

Rumours suggest that it may have delivered a Buk-M-2 surface-to-air missile system (or multiple systems). Due to the less than stellar performance of Pantsir SAMs, backers of the LNA are scrambling to find a system which can effectively deal with armed drones. The delivery was most likely paid for by the UAE, which has been the biggest financial backer of Haftar's forces. Multiple Pantsir air defence systems have been wiped out by TB2 drones, both in Libya and Syria. At first, it was suspected that it was due to operator error. However, it is likely due to jamming by the Koral electronic warfare system. This system can jam distant enemy radars, making detection of aircraft very difficult. Meaning that the Buk-M-2 will likely suffer the same fate as the Pantsirs.

As the war rages on, it is expected that many more deliveries will be made to the LNA. The UAE has invested hundreds of millions into the LNA, providing it with Wing Loong II drones, air defences such as Pantsirs, and were likely even responsible for the arrival of Russian MiG-29s and SU-24s.

Two parked cargo planes which delivered arms to Haftar have been destroyed so far. As the Libyan conflict continues to heat up it is very plausible that both cargo ships and planes will be targetted by both sides. Making it too costly to deliver new weapons could make all the difference in the coming months. Hence why naval posturing is ramping up.

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